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Sustainability & Environmental Policy Statement
Sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment is important to us, so we work very closely with the sustainable steel council to ensure our industry are doing what we can.
Our core aspirations and intentions to operating sustainably and reducing our impact on the environment include:
  • We repair all of our equipment where possible to avoid the throw away culture and reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Recycling carbon steel, aluminum, glass, paper and cardboard/packaging materials

  • Providing seismic strengthening to existing structures, reducing the amount of building material waste.


  • Using a 100% renewable energy provider

  • Ongoing research to improve waste management and recycling

  • We continue to be committed to our Health and Safety program, protecting our team and the people we work with.

  • We identify any risks to the environment and actively work to reduce these.

  • Converting lighting to energy efficient LED's where practical

  • Using Kemper mobile air cleaner with filters for site work

  • Using extractor/fans in workshop for cleaner air

  • Continued vehicle maintenance including six monthly services

  • Conducting regular environmental audits 

  • Evaluating implementing an Environmental Management System


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